The Dogman of LBL Bigfoot Outlaw Radio Ep40 Part3

In the conclusion to our dogman episode, we Coonbo tells a couple of stories about dogman attacks in LBL. Hope you enjoy it, and don’t forget to subscribe and check the links below!

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21 thoughts on “The Dogman of LBL Bigfoot Outlaw Radio Ep40 Part3”

  • This is stupid. 4 people can’t die or go missing in 1982 and so little info being available. Who were they? Where they work? Where the kids attend school? Who were their friend/neighbors? If police found them dead there should have been some ID. We should be able to find people who knew this family that could verify their death or disappearance. If this is in police records it would show as an unsolved murder. It’s just a story.

  • that woman fought like a true warrior to try and save her family sad sad dad these areonsters and iam really pissed about out gov knowing about these monsters and not telling us assholes still going on no telling how many people have been taken and still are! God bless and keep this family and others kill em! loosen them what ever works

  • Where can I find the story of the man and woman where the guy's head was turned backwards? I know it's a messed up question, but I have listened to bf outlaws for years. I've recently introduced my buddy and he's very interested.

  • Man that's some creepy stuff. I moved from east ky to get away from crazy people and ended up in West ky now I have to worry about werewolves lol. I live 15 minutes from lbl and I love to hunt n camp n fish in lbl. Now after hearing this story I won't be able to sleep in my tent when I go camping there lol. Guess I'll have to bring my 12 ga shotgun and 357 mag and sleep with 1 eye open. Makes me think though because 1 night I was camping in lbl because I got drawn for the quota hunt and about 1 am I was woke up by some howling and 30 minutes later I heard what they call tree knocking.

  • What an amazing story I remember as a little boy we heard this story my family was in East Texas at the time A-Town on outside gilmer Texas. I remember the sheriff came to our house we live deep in the country about 5 to 10 miles deep real quiet nothing but Forest, we remember this type of animal I was a little boy at the time at the age of 5 4 and 6 years old I remember going to the outhouse this was back in 1968 1969 this creature jumped over the fence and me and my brother he screamed and hollered and saw this animal my shirt got hung in the outhouse hanger my mom came outside and scream from for my other brother Howard he came with the 30-30 rifle shut it and a creature ran back to the fence jumped over endless running you can hear the limbs and trees barking and breaking as a grin. So I believe this terrifying story because our deputies in the small counties of East Texas warn us about this type a creature that was a story similar to took this killing. A ranch hand farmer and his wife was murdered at a home this is true. Thanks for the story it brought back some memories as a child.

  • I know my mom was harder than nails and stronger than 2 dogmen when she went to my ass.i learned a great deal of respect that way. I tell you she would have bent that dogman over her knee and spanked his ass cherry red and sent him bowlegged back on down in the woods lol

  • I would like to believe this story, but I have been burned by Bob Garrett and his sons telling the same type of story to me and others, I used to go out 4 days a week in East TX and I have had sightings and encounters by myself and with others and I have found some huge Canine prints, but this story sounds just like what Garrett was telling people, ripped off heads and people up in trees and finally the "Men in Black cover ups", Etc,Etc… I along with 2 other people busted Garrett hoaxing with solid proof of his hoaxing…. Not saying this is not true, but I have heard these fantastic stories before so I am now cautious when it comes to believing stories like this.

  • Any Creature that would do this to Humans needs to be Hunted Down and Exterminated, Life is to Short to put up with Evil Animals like this. If something did this to one of my Love Ones, I would use Every Means Necessary to Capture and Kill it, this is no Bull but a Fact…

  • I will add my comment to this and let people call me's ok…I lived in Metropolis Illinois..right across the Ohio river from Kentucky…I dated a girl from Calvert city KY..she eventually became my wife..we spent a lot of time at Kentucky Lake and LBL…in the early 80's something very bad happened there and the area was really shut down for a while….there were rumors but nothing conclusive as to what happened…I tend to believe that this story is what really occurred…I base my thoughts on i know something bad happened at the kill site.. because we weren't allowed in there..we were turned because of my interest in Bigfoot and related things..I was lucky enough to have met Coonbo some years ago..I have become good friends with the man and find him very credible..a little over a year ago he took me to the kill site of the family and the bow hunter kill site.. explaining in detail just as he did the story here…when you see the actual locations it actually helps to understand a bit more….seeing the tree the little girl was in explained some questions that I had previously…I was able to see the shape and the height of the limbs…the story made more sense…all I'm saying is I know for a fact something happened bad…and after meeting and becoming friends with Coonbo I believe that the story is true…..sorry for typos here..

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